The Many Types of Beverages


The Many Types of Beverages

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Friday’s are mine favorite days for training. Every Friday you have to decide what to do – to have an activity like training at the gym, running, swimming etc. or  having some drinks at the night. I prefer training and I usually leave the drinks for another day. Or maybe next week. I really don’t recommend you mixing workouts and booze. You can never handle both things as good as you want to. You don’t have excuses for not training and leaving your body unsatisfied. Making excuses burns ZERO calories per hour!

Today is my day for arms training. I am going to do some calisthenics and TRX outdoor.

What would you do today? Hanging out or working out? I am curious what is going to be your choice and why so comment below to tell me, please!

Bonus motivational quote : One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago, your body couldn’t do what it just did!


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Gym Care Techniques To Prevent Injury

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Warm up properly before working out Reduce the risk of gym injuries with these tips. Pexels photo (CC0 License).

Gym care is a necessary practice. It’s tempting to err on the side of recklessness, however. Getting into a gym after a lengthy period away requires such a herculean effort of motivation that exercising with the perfect form once you get there might be the last of your worries. But it needs to be the first of your worries instead as the gym is worthless if it isn’t safe. After all, fitness and wellness clubs should be just that, places to practice your fitness and wellness safely. Your membership fee is surely not worth it when you’re dealing with an injury.

Preventing injury requires a certain amount of right attitudes and considerations. If you practice the advice here, you’ll be more likely to experience a safe, pleasant and personally rewarding fitness journey.

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Top 5 running benefits


Seaside running

I decided to write my new post including some benefits of running on my opinion. I have been running from a long time now and I saw a lot – good and bad. This post would include some of them.  Read them below.

1. Weight loss

As you can imagine (and probably already know), when you run you are loosing weight. It’s difficult to say how much you have to run, but have to bear on your mind that as much as you can is not always the best idea here. The average runner loses between 1.5 and 2 pounds due to the water weight they shed as they run and sweat. Depends on what your goals are, you can do many kinds of running. Most common are marathon running and HIIT (High intensity interval training).

2. Improves cardiovascular health

Running provides a tremendous cardiovascular exercise that can boost your heart rate and allow smooth pumping blood to all your body organs. For just one hour a week you can reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attack. It also reduces the risk of breast cancer.

3. Relieves stress and improves brain function


Every time when I feel nervous I am going to do some jogging. And I don’t quit before finishing my running daily goal. I feel satisfied when I do it. Running long distances can start releasing of neurotransmitters which can produce feelings of euphoria. That can distract you from physical pain from running or tiredness. It’s mostly known as “runner’s high“.  Active people have lower cortisol levels and feel less stressed. Also, running produces endorphins which reduces pain and increases positive emotions.

4. Improves blood pressure

Regular exercises and cardio activity helps you to fight high blood pressure. Running causes your arteries to expand. This helps your arteries to stay fit and maintain healthy blood pressure. Before start doing physical activity, I have to recommend you visiting your GP. In some cases if your blood pressure is extremely high, the doctor might suggest you taking medicines to lower it before start any new activity. Most common problem with high blood pressure comes weight. Remember number 1 benefit?

5. Live longer

Considering the benefits above what do you think about running?  It definitely can give you a lot of point to think about. Would it help you or not? You never know, but you can always try at least. On my opinion, go for it. Feel the happiness of achieving your goals and your body will show its gratitude. And don’t look back. You are not going that way!

Bonus : Running makes you sweat and eliminates all the toxins from your body through the skin pores. This makes you look younger.

Safely loosing weight or.. few thoughts

Nowadays there a lot of information based on the internet. There are different sources of information like gym trainers, people with only research possibility, professional nutritionists, books, articles. It is essential to realize the specific of loosing weight. For many the idea of slimming their bodies makes them feel strongly depress. And is that so because of a widespread advice which many have been given by specialists with questionable knowledge.

Most advice I am seeing regularly are not true. I have been working out for many years now and most of them I am tried on myself. From many variations of cardio through exercises and at the end food. It is truly that food is essential. If you only eat clean, you will get leaner. But it won’t be so easy like that. There are a lot of hormones and “processes” in your body which you have to include in the whole process of loosing weight (we will talk about them later). The main idea of mine post is to help you and motivate you to try to understand your body. To feel it and to try to see the whole picture of your life. Where is your exact problem of that gained weight? Is it inbred, is your life unhealthy, is your stress level up to the maximum? And when you find out what it is, then you have to start searching for information for your specific problem. There is help for any problem. You have to find it. Be patient and don’t trust everybody. A lot of people are just trying to get your money.

Stay motivated, calm and wait for my new posts. I promise they will be more helpful for you as I am getting better and better with every new one.



It has been a while since I last published a post here. I will tell you a story with myself. One early morning I went running near the beach in my city. Everything was perfect, the weather was pretty hot (almost 18 degrees Celsium ) so I have put on shorts and vest. I have done my best all time – 10 kilometers for less than 1 hour! I’ve done it for the first time and actually I won’t try to run so long distance soon. I prefer sprints and running as fast as you can at all. But this is a different story which I would speak another day.

So I ran 10 kilometers for less than 1 hour and I’ve just realized how is it possible and easier to do. You realize that everything is breathing. The magic is hidden in breathing. Breathing and a little bit meditation. Just ignore the pain of your muscles, joints and the blisters of your toes. Stop thinking of them, leave them aside.

On the other hand, before start running rethink why exactly do you run and what your goals are? Do you really want to run far, as much as you can or just to relax and try to lower your negative emotions.

Have a great day and enjoy running. It is awesome!