Don’t say “I can’t”

There is always one type person who like just to say “I can’t”. Yes, this is free,  easy and lack of responsibility. But it is worthless too. You might ask why is that? It’s simple. Because you could have missed lots of opportunities. You even could miss your chance to become the person who would be followed by many just because of his motivation and inspirational appearance.

Just start today to follow your dreams and achieve life with less regrets.

Dreams are made for the brave people. For all the other there are drawers.

Francesco April

There are few reasons to don’t believe in yourself :

  1. Be a coward.
  2. You just follow one useless life.

Tomorrow is Monday – people with excuses like it most and so are you. Start your change tomorrow and share your progress often. Be brave and proud of you. You are human, live your life and capture the moment.


Running near the beach

Have you ever run near the beach? Did you like and enjoyed it? It is one of my favorite things to do when the weather is fine. I spent almost my whole life near the beach no matter if I had been studying in the university or just working abroad. My cities were always been very close or exactly on the coast. So running and training outside are my top routines.

What do you thing? Yes or no?

Have a great, positive day and stay in shape!

Serious guys

Getting in shape is needed to be serious. Less talk, more train. Be dedicated and you’ll see the effects of it. Don’t be afraid of asking and experimenting. Every day is your day of trying and achieving the best results. Take care and go on.

Muscle and serious guys

Training in the gym has been my hobby for 10 years now