Friday’s are mine favorite days for training. Every Friday you have to decide what to do – to have an activity like training at the gym, running, swimming etc. or  having some drinks at the night. I prefer training and I usually leave the drinks for another day. Or maybe next week. I really don’t recommend you mixing workouts and booze. You can never handle both things as good as you want to. You don’t have excuses for not training and leaving your body unsatisfied. Making excuses burns ZERO calories per hour!

Today is my day for arms training. I am going to do some calisthenics and TRX outdoor.

What would you do today? Hanging out or working out? I am curious what is going to be your choice and why so comment below to tell me, please!

Bonus motivational quote : One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago, your body couldn’t do what it just did!



Don’t say “I can’t”

There is always one type person who like just to say “I can’t”. Yes, this is free,  easy and lack of responsibility. But it is worthless too. You might ask why is that? It’s simple. Because you could have missed lots of opportunities. You even could miss your chance to become the person who would be followed by many just because of his motivation and inspirational appearance.

Just start today to follow your dreams and achieve life with less regrets.

Dreams are made for the brave people. For all the other there are drawers.

Francesco April

There are few reasons to don’t believe in yourself :

  1. Be a coward.
  2. You just follow one useless life.

Tomorrow is Monday – people with excuses like it most and so are you. Start your change tomorrow and share your progress often. Be brave and proud of you. You are human, live your life and capture the moment.